Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little Old, Little New, and a Little NSV

Yay I started my old blog back up.  The whole reason I started another blog up in Word Press is because I couldn't figure out how to link this blog up with bloglovin and I thought it would be cool to start fresh with Noah, but then when I commented on other people blog I could figure out how to link my email up to it and a bunch of other stuff... anyway... with a little bit of googling I figured it out! Yay!!! Plus I think it will be cool to keep this one going! I've had it forever! The only thing I need to figure out is how to import my other blog posts into this one.  I just copied and pasted them, but I think I've figured that out too. I'm just becoming a computer whiz over here!

I wanted to link up with Ashlee and KJT for the NSV today because I have had a big one this week!

My #1 NSV is I ran...well ran walked 3.3 miles!!!!! It was slow, and ugly, but it got done! like 4 months ago I was barely walking .25 of a mile.  I'd have to do it on our treadmill because I'd get too tired to do it outside and here I am running it.  I can not wait to get faster.  Sometimes I do get discouraged about that, but I know that will come with time.  Everyone has to start somewhere and this is where I'm starting. I've been running a mile in 16 min.  I did the 3.3 in 54.11.  I thought about not posting that on here, but I want to be able to remember where I started from.

I burned 515 calories! My sis n law ran it quite a bit faster and burned close to 1000, so I'm excited about getting there.  At the first of the week I set a goal to burn 500-700 calories 6 days a week and I've done that so far! Her burning that much just show's me it will get better and I will get faster! I'm excited.  Everyday now I want to run, just so I can see if I'm any faster.  

I bought a Polar Ft4 and I highly, highly recommend getting a heart rate monitor when you work out.  It makes it so you work harder to burn more calories instead of sitting there watching the clock! 


  1. Thanks for sharing about the Polar Ft4 and congrats on the awesome burns :D

  2. Wonderful nsv! Are you following a specific program to run or are you just getting out there and doing it?

    1. No I'm not following a specific program. I have tried to do couch to 5k several times, but never followed through :(. I'm just getting out there running. What I found that helps is when I run with my sis n law that runs faster, it helps me to run faster, but when I'm not with her I just try and go as fast and long as I can!

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  4. I'm testing this to see if I can get all the symbols to disapear


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