Sunday, June 19, 2016

Time to Update

Weekend Ramblings!

        Forever now I've been putting off updating my blog.  I quit my job and started staying home in November of 2014!!! Wahoo! I'll blog more about that later, but since then I've had goals of things I wanted to get done (because I was going to have all of this time).  The last thing on my list is organizing my pictures! I want to get them all organized and scanned in.  I've told myself after I do that I'll start back at my blog.  Why the 2 had anything to do with each other I'm not sure.  I went to a birthday party Friday night and was talking with a friend who had just started blogging and that kinda inspired me to go ahead and pick it back up! My goal is 2-3 posts a week.  
         I read blogs like it was my job a couple of years ago, but once I got married and had a baby I quit and that makes me sad that I don't have all of that to look back on.  My sole purpose is to just document my life.  Hopefully this will also make me take more pictures.   
         This weekend on Friday night we went to one of Noah's friends birthday party at the Country Club! It was a swim party.  It was so fun to see how much all the kids have grown.  I still can't believe Noah is 3.  He could walk all over the shallow end! Last year he could walk on his tip toes and if his head was tilted back!  He kept telling Hayes, "Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday."  That was a nice change from when we first went he kept saying Hayes' present was his.  At the party Hayes got a batman costume and I may have told Noah they could play together now and Noah could wear his Spider man costume.  When we got home, Noah expected there to be a spider-man costume present! He would not let it go! I even put his spiderman toys in a gift bag and gave it to him and he was so happy haha.  Finally I had to just let him sit on his bed.  That kid takes everything so literal these days!  
         Saturday morning we woke up late, well I woke up at 8 and Noah at 10:15.  He's sleeping so late these days.  I went and had lunch with Paula, Apollo, and Lexi.  Apollo was everywhere and being loud, but I think his Mom was more self conscious of it than others.  It's just so crazy with kids.  Your trucking along and everything's going great with parenting, they are eating well, they sit at the table, then they hit 18 months and bam its just survival mode, or at least that's how it was with us.  I think 18 months til 2 and half was the worst.  Three so far has been better.  Still not eating, but we can at least reason with him a little.  This was my Saturday to get the milk from our milk run, and so I got all that delivered and made it home about 3.  Noah was napping and we decided to go see Finding Dory that night.  It was so nice going to the Vernon theater.  The prices are reasonable, its right here. They didn't even charge for 4 and under because they weren't for sure they'd make it through.  After the movie we went and walked at the stadium.  We are trying to just be more active and get out and about more.  It was fun running and chasing Noah.  He kept getting down and bear crawling, crazy kid.  
       Sunday we went to church and had an awesome sermon on the Spiritual battle that is going on all around us.  Pretty crazy when you think about it.  After that we ate sandwiches and went to the pool.  We decided to get memberships to the city pool this year instead of the country club.  Its been so nice.  For one, it was half the price, for two there is just so much to do!  There is a huge slide that Noah loves to go down.  I also took him over to the diving board and showed him the kids jumping off of it.  He loved watching them and immediately wanted to try it.  He would wait it line and climb up it to the end and then be like I can do it, I'm too big!!! and get frustrated.  He sometimes gets things mixed up, like "I wanna hold you" or "I'm too big" when he means I'm too small.  It was hilarious.  I bet he'll be jumping off of the diving board before the end of the summer.  Father's day was ended with burgers on the grill and Keeping up with the Kardashians ;). 

Saturday afternoon naps!

Finding Dory!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful November

I see on Facebook everyone listing the things they are thankful for this month.  I love this idea, I however can not keep up with it.  I've tried in years past and I fall off after like 5 days so I thought if I could do it all at one time then maybe I could complete it!

1. I am thankful that I am a child of God.  I am so thankful for is crazy amazing love!

2.  I am soooo thankful for my son Noah.  He is amazing.  Having children is a pure miracle.  It makes you feel all of these amazing things.  It is purely a gift from God.  I've seen things before as gifts from God, but there is no denying it when you have a child.  Its like God gave you this amazing miracle gift and bundled it up in a human body.  To say the least I LOVE my son!

3.  I'm thankful I can be a Mom.  Not everyone is in a position or able to so it is not something to take for granted.  I used to want to put off having kids because I wanted my own time, or the freedom, but the feeling of being a Mom and having a child is way better than any of those reasons, or way more fun than anything I've ever done before.

4. I am soooo thankful for my amazing husband! We are a true team! Team Aguila! We don't have his job or my job we both just jump in and do whatever it is that needs to be done! He is such a great husband. If I have a problem with something he really listens to me and sees where I'm coming from.  I love talking about our future together, the things we want to do and the things we want.

5. On that note I'm so thankful that he is the best Daddy EVER EVER EVER.  He LOVES our son with his whole heart, just like I do.  He does everything with our son, the good and the bad.  Sometimes we fight over doing stuff for him, like its my turn to feed him or bathe him, or I haven't seen him all day let me have him.  G used to think man I can't wait til he gets older so I can do this or that with him, now he's in the same boat as I am where we don't want him to get a second older! Its just going so fast!

6. I am so thankful for my Mom.  She is the hardest working woman I know! She is very dedicated to all 4 of her kids and she does it all by herself! She is always there for us, whether its running us around, listening to us or taking care of our babies.  She is the best Grammy EVER!

7. I am so thankful for my sister 'n law Lupe.  I almost feel silly putting 'n law on there.  We have grown very close over the last couple of years.  She has been with me through it all.  She threw my bachelor party, my baby shower, she was in my wedding, and right by my side during labor! Anything I've needed she has done it! Down to working out with me to help me get me back on feet after having a baby! If she thinks anyone is doing me wrong she's the first to get mad at them for me! I love having someone so on my side and I hope she knows that I'm on hers! I'm excited about the future and all the memories we get to build with our children together!

8. I am so thankful for my family.  One of my favorite places to be is with them! I LOVE family get togethers!

9. I'm thankful for my workout group.  I have tried my entire life to get in shape.  I have a few times, but it is sooooo hard to do it on your own.  The work is extremely hard but it is so much easier to do it with a group of people.  I've always been able to work out once or twice a week on my own, but then that's it.  Now if I work out 3 times with the group and work out twice on my own that's 5 times! That's awesome! With this group I know that I can reach my fitness goals!

10. I'm thankful for my job! My Mom was a stay at home Mom, so I kinda always thought that's what I should do.  I was always worried about leaving my baby and missing out.  After staying home during maternity leave I quickly realized I was not happy doing that either.  My job has let me go part time.  I LOVE it because I get the best of both worlds! I get to have my regular routine, get out and see people, have my own life, but yet I still get a lot of time at home to be with my baby! I just could not do full time I would feel like I was missing out too much along with working out and everything.

11. I am thankful that I have G's mom to watch Noah while I'm at work.  This is just gives me an amazing piece of mind.  In the beginning I would sometimes cry because I could see how loved he was and I was just so happy that get had her to take care of him and didn't have to go to daycare.  He gets to spend time and build a relationship with not only his Grandma, but also his Great Grandma and Great Aunts.  I would have LOVED that! I have 1 memory of my Great Grandma, that's it! Not only that, hopefully he's picking up some Spanish!

12. I am thankful for my group of church friends that I grew up with.  I love having this group to always come back too.  We have been through so much and done so much together.  I love having them to celebrate the holidays and just different occasions with.  I love that Noah gets to grow up with this group as his group of friends too.  I love that we all love each other no matter how different we may be and that we love to be together and do different things together!

13. I am thankful for living in the town that me and my husband grew up in.  I love living here.  I may be different than other people, but I love going to Walmart and seeing so and so's brother or sister and seeing people I went to high school with and seeing their kids.  I wouldn't want to live off in a town where I knew no one.  Yes there are times you run into people you don't want to see, but the good definitely out ways the bad!

14. I am thankful for my husband's job.  He saves lives for a living.  How awesome is that.  He has great flexibility where he was able to come to all of my doctor appointments when I was pregnant and he's able to go to all of Noah's.  He works at a great place that he enjoys!

15. I am thankful for our house.  It may not be a huge mansion, but its ours.  We have done a lot of improvements over the years to it and we plan to do more.  I love that its ours, and we are making it that.

16. I am thankful for pictures.  I love looking at old ones of my family and family members that I didn't know.  We are taking our first family pictures this weekend.  I am so excited about it and I got us all the perfect outfits to wear.  I'm excited to look at these for years to come!

17. I am thankful for my grandparents.  My Mom's parents are both alive and doing well in their 80's! We just got to go a couple of weekends ago and spend the weekend with them.  I think it is so cool that we still get to visit them in their house and had a great time! They loved getting to see Noah and spend time with him.  I hope I get to spend that kind of time with my great grand kids and can still enjoy it!

18. Water I LOVE water.  It is honestly my favorite thing to drink! I LOVE water!

19. Chapstick.  I always have it on me and if I don't I feel lost!

20. Navigation on Cell did we get anywhere before it! I LOVE my navigation!

21. Warm Water That's different that just water.  I was thinking about this last night when I was taking a shower.  Most of the world doesn't even know what that's like! Its not something to take for granted.

22. Our vehicles.  We would be lost with out our vehicles.  My husband works in another town, so we could not make it with 1 vehicle!

23. My dogs.  They have been with me through thick and thin and they love me no matter what! They are always there to greet me, and cuddle.

24. Blogs.  I have really been reading a ton of weight loss blogs over the last year and they are sooooo encouraging! Its so cool to see people who have been there and done that.  Everyone I've ever emailed has emailed me back with any questions I've had!

25. Warm Fuzzy Socks

26. Heating Blankets

27. DVR.... What in the world did we do before it! I LOVE my DVR

28. Ice Cream my favorite dessert!

29. Mexican Food yummm yummm

30. Lakes I love riding in boats at the lake, tubing, skiing.  I love it all!

Now I know in the end it got to be kinda stupid stuff, but hey I really am thankful for that stuff! Everyone should do this. Sometimes we get so caught up in the bad stuff and this really helps you to focus on the good!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


This post is going to be a ton of rambling!

~The first thing that's been on my mind is the hardest thing about being a Mom, is doing your own thing, and making decisions for someone else.  Its hard to leave the group early or go home early when others are telling you they didn't do that with their kids, or they're not going to do that with their kids.  The people pleaser in me wants to say its ok, we'll go and make do, but I like that my son has a regular routine at bedtime, he's starting to sleep through the night, and he's doing better about eating.  I think its because he knows what to expect, and its just practice.  Now I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and always leave early, but I'd say 5-6 days out of the week I'd like to keep it this way.  This is our family, our way.  I know this issue is just going to get harder, because Noah's going to potty train at a certain age, and that may not be the age of other kids, or he may not get rid of the pacifier at a certain age...its OK.  These things aren't life and death, and we're going to do them our one else's.  Its just hard for me to stand up and say what we're going to do is different and it may be the same, who knows, but it will be our way.  I don't know if this makes sense.  

~Working out... It is soooo hard! I am soooo slow! Last night I probably had the worst work out EVER.  I was in serious pain.  We did a burpee challenge, where you see how many burpees you do in 7 min.  I did 52.  I don't even know if I would call them burpees, they were more like crawling up and falling down, but I guess its the movement that counts.  Then we did a work out where we ran 400 meters and then did different exercises.  The runs KILLED me.  I'm serious on a scale of 1-10 on pain I was at a steady 8.  I almost had tears running down my face.  I have no idea why it hurt so bad last night.  On Tues I went with my SIL and ran a mile in 15.14, which is 40sec faster than I did last time, so I don't know if that was it or what.  I keep googling those pains and it says its just from being weak, my body just needs to get stronger, but man! I just hate working out, but I know its so good and its the only way to get results.  I just can not wait for it to get less painful! About 2 years ago when I would go run, I was sooo light on my feet and it didn't hurt near as bad, now I'm stiff and it HURTS!  I know it will come back and be better over time, I just gotta keep at it! 

~I made baby food yesterday! I wanted to do this from the very beginning, but when I started to feed Noah rice, he would kind of gag, and just didn't seem like he liked it.  I blended up some spinach and he didn't like that either.  I didn't know if it was pureed enough, or if it was the taste or what, so I went to the experts and just bought some baby food.  He had gotten a ton better about eating it, and he even opens his mouth for it, and he's not been allergic to anything yet.  This weekend I was talking to a friend that makes her baby's food and she was like its soooo easy and she showed me kinda how to do it.  Yesterday I needed to go buy some more, I was like I'm going to give this another shot. I made carrots, spinach, green beans, peas, peaches, pears, sweet potato, and butternut squash.  Hey go big or go home! We did avocado last night, which is technically homemade.. haha, but we'll see.  I'll keep you updated.  

~This weekend we are going to my Gran's house.  I'm excited.  Noah is at such a good age, I know they will have fun with him!

This was Noah eating his avocado (I so want to spell that alvocado).

I gave him a carrot to chew on while I was making his food.  He chewed the heck out of it! I was really trying to get a picture of that! 

This was Noah I think on Saturday! We were happy that Texas won! G's not big of a college football fan, so we just go for all TX teams! 
This was from the Susan G Koman race last Saturday! I was fun! I made a tutu.  We did this race 2 or 3 years ago, and we didn't even try and run.  This year I did it in 52min! The fasted I had done a 5K in before was 54 min, so I was kinda excited, esp since we walked alot because Noah didn't want to be in the stroller! We probably could have done it in 45! Luke did it in 19min and some odd seconds. That is just insane to me! That is crazy fast! 

Friday, October 4, 2013


1.  Noah had a big day yesterday.  His first tooth popped through.  It was so weird because he had all the symptoms and everything about 2 weeks ago and since then he's been great! I've been checking his teeth and nothing was there and then all of a sudden yesterday it was there! No more gummy smiles :(.  I couldn't get a good picture of it though.  Also he found his feet yesterday! He's been playing with them for a while, but yesterday he started sticking them in his mouth...haha.  

2. I'm excited about this weekend because we are headed to my in laws that live in Dallas and while I'm there I get to meet my best friends new baby! Its so weird because before I was so awkward around newborns.  Now I can't wait to hold him! I just love new borns!

3. Also while I'm there we're going to go to the store Run On and get fit for some new shoes! I'm really excited about this.  My shoes are fixing to have holes in them! ha.  I hear that this makes running much more comfortable.  I'm not expecting a miracle, but just want to see what the difference is.  

4.  I was down another lb this morning!!!! That was sooo exciting! I'm down 11lbs in the last 11 weeks! I'm gonna have to put before and after pictures on here! I did take before, but I haven't taken after.  I don't feel that much different, but 11lbs is 11lbs! The most I've ever lost before is 38, so I'm pretty excited! 

5. I've burned at least 500 calories in my workouts Tues-Thurs.  Last night I seriously was jalking (jog walking) all around my neighborhood to get those 500 gone, but I did it! I may have burned 500 on Monday too, but I didn't get my heart rate monitor til Tuesday.  I've got to get out and do it tonight to get my 5th day in.  I hate working out on Fridays, but we'll be gone tomorrow boo.  I'm hoping since I put it on here I'll get out and do it.  

And just cause I love 'em here's my boys!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Little Old, Little New, and a Little NSV

Yay I started my old blog back up.  The whole reason I started another blog up in Word Press is because I couldn't figure out how to link this blog up with bloglovin and I thought it would be cool to start fresh with Noah, but then when I commented on other people blog I could figure out how to link my email up to it and a bunch of other stuff... anyway... with a little bit of googling I figured it out! Yay!!! Plus I think it will be cool to keep this one going! I've had it forever! The only thing I need to figure out is how to import my other blog posts into this one.  I just copied and pasted them, but I think I've figured that out too. I'm just becoming a computer whiz over here!

I wanted to link up with Ashlee and KJT for the NSV today because I have had a big one this week!

My #1 NSV is I ran...well ran walked 3.3 miles!!!!! It was slow, and ugly, but it got done! like 4 months ago I was barely walking .25 of a mile.  I'd have to do it on our treadmill because I'd get too tired to do it outside and here I am running it.  I can not wait to get faster.  Sometimes I do get discouraged about that, but I know that will come with time.  Everyone has to start somewhere and this is where I'm starting. I've been running a mile in 16 min.  I did the 3.3 in 54.11.  I thought about not posting that on here, but I want to be able to remember where I started from.

I burned 515 calories! My sis n law ran it quite a bit faster and burned close to 1000, so I'm excited about getting there.  At the first of the week I set a goal to burn 500-700 calories 6 days a week and I've done that so far! Her burning that much just show's me it will get better and I will get faster! I'm excited.  Everyday now I want to run, just so I can see if I'm any faster.  

I bought a Polar Ft4 and I highly, highly recommend getting a heart rate monitor when you work out.  It makes it so you work harder to burn more calories instead of sitting there watching the clock! 

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Weekend Recap 09/30/2013

We had a very relaxing weekend! My Mom went out-of-town this weekend so I was in charge of picking my brother and sister up from school. I picked my brother up first and we went to Sam's. It's so nice having him be old enough to help. I seriously still remember him being the same age as Noah. Time sure does fly! We picked Carlie up after tennis and headed home. Later I took her to her martial arts class and me and Jarrett hung out. G had to work that night so I called it an early night.

Saturday I got up with Noah and we just hung out til G got up at 12. We went over to my parents because my other sister had come in with her son. They are seriously getting so big! Sean has always been more mobile than Noah. He was rolling over like a month ago. Noah could roll from belly to back, but not from back to belly. We put them on the floor to play and see if Noah could pick up on any of Sean's skills! Sure enough he did! Sunday we put him down and he started rolling from his back to his belly!

Later Saturday both the babies went down at the same time! This was a miracle in itself! They always do different things at different times! We all decided to take off on a run. We left Jarrett there in case anyone woke up. I did 2 miles. Slowly but surely. I HATE being sooo slow! It's not even like I get out of breath, but my shins cramp up, and I have a spot in my back that cramps up. I know that in order to get better just to keep at it though! Gah! When we got back the babies were awake so we decided to go eat.

The babies did so good. They just hung out with us!

We started giving Noah a bath in the bathtub in is baby bath. He loved it and you can tell he was more relaxed. Last night we put him in his bumbo because he's sitting up so much better with it and he can lean over and splash. We thought it would just sit in the bath tub, but it will flip over so we had to hold it down. Noah LOVED it though. He kept crawling over to the sides to splash. He's so much more fun now that he can play!

Sunday Noah slept til 7, and G got up and fed him and he went back to sleep til 10! That was a MIRACLE! We got up and went to church. It was friend and family day, so we had a pot luck lunch. I always love when the church does that! After church me and Noah got a nice nap in then we headed to a friend's house to watch the cowboys. They lost, but oh well. Can't win them all.